Things are really moving in the 'body language world'. Progressing all the time. 31st of March 2011 @ 11am join me, whilst I am an avatar in 3D talking about 'the future of body language' and how we are merging with cartoons and avatars in a new world.

To be part of this free experience go to and sign in. Go to the events and seminar section, where you can also decide if you want to be an avatar or just in the background for this world wide presentation over the internet. In just 25 minutes you will learn techniques for helping you in your everyday office life, including how to be happy when you are feeling sad. Look forward to meeting you in my new format. Carole
24.03.11 BLT Breakfast Seminar - The Future of Body Language

Highlights from the March BLT breakfast seminar, featuring behaviourist Carole Railton speaking on "The Future of Body Language" .
"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it", Elbert Hubbard, American Author & Philosopher.

In these fast moving times it makes sense to keep up with the new technologies so that you are able to use them to your advantage especially when you are communicating with others. With this in mind, I have authored a book The Future of Body Language which shows you in bite size pieces how you can prepare for technologies such as Skype, Video Conferencing, Podcasts, Emails and how to adapt your body language to make the most of yourself. Its my belief that in the future we will interact with technology much more than we do face to face, even if the person is in the room. Its already possible for our Blackberries & Apple hand helds to 'shake hands' and share details with those we meet at networking events. I do hope that you will join me on my facebook page offering free body language tips and info to help you make the best of yourself and help those around you too to be prepared for new technology. (
So Christmas is nearly here. If you are in the UK you are probably cold, in Melbourne in Australia its raining today, and in Kingston Jamaica is very hot, so we all experience difference things in the moment. Its how we react to them that counts. Are we happy to be in the cold snow throwing snow balls or do we prefer to moan and groan about how cold we are. Do we take time to be outside in the sunshine or do we proclaim all that is not so good about it, like getting cancer from the sun. There is good and bad in everything we do and everything we see, its our choice what we focus on. So for the next few weeks make it your goal to experience everything with a positive outlook. When you get up, acknowledge what you have already, as you go through the day acknowledge others who are around you. At the end of the day, look back at what you have learnt during the day, seek to find ways of how this new knowledge can help you in the rest of your life. Experience the weather as just that, no need to get too involved unless of course, you are someone who is involved with a sport that is dependent on the weather conditions. I do hope this positive behaviour leads you into the New Year happier, healthier, more satisfied with your life. And, just in case you want to learn a bit more about how to behave with new media take a look at The Future of Body Language available on Amazon. All the very best for a really successful, happy New Year. Carole

Mike Bako speaks with expert and author Carole Railton. Radio interview in New York in support of new book The Future of Body Language available to buy on Amazon £8.99.

Carole is a regular contributer to and also writes for many other holistic health journals both online and in print including

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